Burak & more 3D renderings

About my journey into the 3D world

Several years ago I was up to learn more about 3D graphics. I started alone, and after getting to understand the basics, I took a part-time course of advanced 3D sculpting, material design and rendering in 3Ds Max + V-Ray. I practice 3D rendering and modeling until today. Currently, I work in Blender.



Burak means Beetroot.

Burak is slightly malicious, but charming vegetable and it’s promoting healthy Eating.

It’s the character created for Allegro All For Planet Foundation, which is engaged in ecological actions and promoting environment-friendly behaviours.

I made modelling and lighting in 3ds Max; all was rendered in V-Ray.

Visual design pieces I created for social media posts.
Fastfood I modelled and rendered to use in one scene with Burak.
Graphics for packaging made by Jula Kurzawska.

Iron Man Mask

This project is my personal interpretation of Iron Man – a fictional character, a superhero that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics.

I scupltured the model in 3ds Max and Zbrush, rendered in V-Ray. I postproduced the scene in Photoshop.


Rob the Robot

His name is Rob, and I created him for fun. First I’ve created a model and made several seconds of animation in 3ds Max. After that, I rendered the rest of objects – satellite, rocket, the Moon – and set the scene in After Effects.


The Gingerbread

Gingerbread is a friendly and amusing cake, baked in 3Ds Max, rendered in V-Ray for a social media campaign.

The Queen

My personal project – it is the sculpture of a half-human, half-mechanical female character. I created it in the process of gaining knowledge of using materials, modelling and lighting (3Ds Max, ZBrush and V-Ray). After I had finished modelling the woman, I focused my attention on her futuristic crown – a fusion of several sci-fi themes.


Made in Blender.
Sword model based on reference, lighting using gobos, particles


Made in Blender.
Modelling, lighting and texturing. Rendered with Cycles

Wizards’ office

Made in Blender.
All models based on references, except the tree trunk. Basic UV mapping and texturing. Rendered with Eevee