Hilton Hub App

A mobile app helping business travellers to cooperatively plan, book and travel.

Client: Hilton Hotels & Resorts
Services: App Design | UX Research

My role

Creative concept | Market analysis | Feature Prioritisation | Surveying | User interviews | Writing Personas | Writing Scenarios | Wireframing | Prototyping | Usability testing
Creative concept
Market analysis
Feature Prioritisation
User interviews
Writing Personas
Writing Scenarios
Usability testing

The challenge

To design a mobile-based app, helping a new program that will allow business travellers to cooperatively plan, book, and travel, making it easier for teams to stay together, whether their trips are for work or pleasure.

Generative Research

Together with my team, I created a survey with basic questions about their business trips, which we have sent through different channels. We also conducted one-to-one interviews.

What are the differences in interaction between teams within one company and teams between several companies?

What are business traveller pain points? What is the difference between pain points for business and recreational travellers?

How do teams of business travellers currently coordinate their plans?

Which ancillary services could benefit from coordination as well?


Pictures are not authentic

Key Persona Profile

Anthony knows that business travels differ a lot from holiday journeys, as instead of going to see interesting places, relaxing, taking a drink in the sun, business trips can be dull and unexciting. You can’t be too spontaneous. You have to schedule meetings and take into consideration the plans of your colleagues, invite clients to the places without knowing if you picked the right one and considering other stressful details!


52 years old | Risk Solutions at IBM

Business travel pain points

In unfamiliar cities, he needs information on where to go
Works with multiple teams across different organisations
Finds it difficult to coordinate effectively with colleagues
Doesn’t have time to plan for his downtime on business trips


A simple way to find things to do in his destination city
A better way to coordinate downtime with his team

Competitive analysis

There are many apps out there designed to help in finding places around, planning and coordinating meetings, communicating with colleagues, finding possible activities, chatting with people, checking reviews of the places to visit, etc.

But some of them used together can create an overwhelming experience.

Focus /  Problems to solve

Discovering the local neighbourhood

Coordinating with colleagues

Time Management

Task analysis

Task flow analysis means a step-by-step study of how users will interact with a system, to learn in detail how they perform their tasks and achieve their intended goals. It allowed understanding the pain points in planning a business trip, which start even before the journey.

Rapid sketching & defining user flows

The first sketches were made on paper in the activity called design studio. The team focused on some key points to solve, created different options that would solve the same problem.

First digital wireframes & paper prototyping

Testing, testing, more testing

Next, I created a digital prototype and shared with participants straight on the device. I iterated and tested this design a couple of times, by every step adding improvements and more details.

Paper wireframes represent main flows. I tested this prototype with participants using paper prints on a whiteboard.

Medium-fidelity wireframes

Medium-fidelity wireframes

High-fidelity wireframes

Matching Hilton’s branding

I spent the rest of the time on adding the look and feel: professional, classic, exclusive. I created dark gunmetal & golden colour palette, referring to the feel of luxury, prosperity and trust.

High-Fidelity Wireframes